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19 مايو 2016
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Seduced And Fucked A Sexy MILF In Jaisalmer

Dear friends this is my 1st story. If you like it please send an email at [email protected].

It was last year in December. I went to Jaisalmer as was having 3 days off. I took a tent in sand dunes and was just drinking beers and staring at sexy ladies. My eyes fell on this lady who was around 37-40 years old with a fair complexion and heavy boobs and a figure I later knew 38C-34-38.

She was in a tent beside me with her hubby. All day my eyes were searching for her and following her. In the night we were watching Rajasthani dance and drinking beer. Her hubby had drunk too much and was still going on drinking.

I was staring at her and my dick was throbbing in my track pant, without boxers forming a big tent. She was wearing a yellow suit with a low cut showing her sexy cleavage and salwar. I was smiling at her continuously and every now and the standing and showing up my bulge.

I was dancing close to her and the next time I sat beside her hubby. As his hands trembled to make a drink I helped him and came to know they were from Chandigarh. I became friendly to him and made him drink more and staring at her more. I saw a smile on her face and her eyes fell on my bulge every now and then.

It was around 11:30 pm and as people started leaving, I saw her hubby was struggling to walk. I said I will help and walked with his hands on my shoulder and my hand on his waist. I was staring at the lady swinging her sexy ass.

As we entered the tent I softly brushed my bulge on her sexy big round ass and my dick throbbed feeling her soft ass. I helped to lay her hubby who was almost asleep. I said I here for 3 days was happy to hear they were also here for 4 days.

All the while I was staring at her sexy big boobs. I came closer and asked if she would like to have a beer. She agreed but outside the tent. I bought a beer and sat close to her chatting. I came to know she was married for the last 15 years and had 1 son 12 years old, who had not come because of school.

I admired her beauty and she said you good at flirting. I said I’m saying the truth and came a bit closer. I was happy seeing the effect of the drinks as her eyes staring at my bulge. I took courage and whispered in her ear you are too beautiful and sexy.

I was slowly chatting with her and my hand slowly slid in her thighs. She smiled and asked I know what you are looking at since morning and following me. I smiled and said, “Yes I have never seen such a sexy woman than you,” and pressed her pussy area.

She looked at her hubby’s room and at the same time I licked her earlobe and whispered, “He is too drunk and sleeping. He won’t get before tomorrow at 10 am.”

She smiled and put her hand on my dick over track pants and my dick throbbed. She smiled said, “You seems too eager.” I kissed her neck, pressing her pussy at the same time and whispered, “You made me, madam, from morning he is just standing for you,” and winked.

My other hand on her shoulder was feeling her silky skin and slowly moving towards her side boob. I squeezed a bit harder and she moaned. I whispered softly and put my lips on hers and sucked them hard, biting her lower lip, pushing my tongue deeper into her mouth and sucking her saliva.

My dick was throbbing under her hand as she pressed it harder. I now slid my hands in her suit and pressed her boobs harder feeling the softness while sliding my other hand in her salwar and feeling her moist pussy lips. I asked her to come to my room.

She was a bit afraid I rubbed her clit and whispered, “He won’t get up. I promise.”

She agreed. Ss soon we reached my tent, I closed the door and hugged her tight from behind, pressing my dick harder in her ass crack. My hands were squeezing her big boobs and my tongue was all out licking her neck area. I undressed her and pushed her onto the bed.

I was too horny and I spread her legs and started licking from toe sucking it and slowly moving up, giving love bites on her ankles and thighs. Her pussy aroma was making me horny. I put my lips on her pussy lips and kissed softly while my hands squeezed her big boobs.

I bit her on her clit softly and pulled it, licking her pussy lips. Her moans were making me hornier and she was loving my tongue as her body was twisting. I pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy and licked her juices.

Oh God, she was having an orgasm. I inserted my finger in her ass rim at the same time, drinking all her juices. I stood and kissed her, making her taste her juices and my saliva mixed. I stood close to her face and rubbed my dick head on puffy lips while my hands squeezing her big round boobs.

“Suck it darling I wanna make your Jaisalmer trip unforgettable,” and pulled her erect nipples. She slowly rubbing her tongue on my dick all over and slowly took it in. She had a great mouth.

I squeezed her boobs harder as she slowly took my 8″ dick half in. It was difficult to control but never enjoyed so much. The thought of her hubby sleeping in the next room was making me hornier.

I took out my dick and spread her thighs, gave a hard thrust making my half dick slides in her dripping cunt. She moaned louder and I started banging harder making my dick slides deeper with every thrust.

I held for a second, looked at her. She was asking to fuck her and I smiled, teasing her, taking out my dick. I rubbed my dick head on her clit and suddenly with full force pushed my dick all in. She was gasping. I was spanking her big ass with every thrust, making my lund slid deeper, hitting deeper and she was moaning loudly.

To be continued.

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