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19 مايو 2016
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My Best Friend Satisfied My Sexual Desires

Hi, this is Rashmika, I am a big fan of Indian sex stories. After reading others experience, I want to share about my first sex experience with my Senior after my college days. I am a dusky skin girl with a perfect body shape i.e 34 27 34 and height 5’6 which all men die for.

My desires are endless. I use to check out for hot boys and had wet dreams thinking about them. By that time of my 3rd year, I was still a virgin. My friends use to share their sex experience and I use to get disappointed. I did not have a boyfriend either.

Before I would have burst off with my feelings I met a guy from our college, Abhi, who is my senior. I used to watch every boy on my campus and I had an eye on him too. I got attracted to him even after my college days. We became close to each other. I use to share everything with him.

At a certain point, everything was fine until one day we had a topic about romance sex etc. I opened up to him about my feelings and desires. Then he asked me how I fulfill those needs. So I said whenever I get such feelings, I see porn and rub my pussy to satisfy myself.

Since I opened up I also mentioned that I always wanted to have a wild sex with someone who can complete my desires and make my pussy happy. The reply I got really surprised me. “I want to be that person”, he replied. But we both wanted it for the perfect time to make it.

I’m the one who was super excited as by this time I was 22. Finally, the day had come. We planned for a trip to Ooty. At home I said I’m going to attend a big job interview at Coimbatore which is in fact near to Ooty. We booked tickets in the bus till Coimbatore.

As expected the romance started straight away during the bus journey. We both had kiss hugs. We were afraid for an instance but we were in a control. I saw a huge bulge on his pant. We booked into a hotel. I was sleepy, so I had a nap. In the meanwhile, he got refreshed.

He jumped into the bed and hugged me from behind. I could feel his warm body and hands and made me warm and comfortable. I could even feel his dick rubbing my ass. I couldn’t control myself and kissed his lips nose and we were having tongue war.

His hands were on my waist and holding me tight. He was making me breathless by sucking my lips and biting it. His hands slowly came towards my pussy. He had already once told me that he liked my pussy with little hair. Meanwhile, my pussy was wet.

He was rubbing this hands on my pussy making me more erotic and horny. From my lips, he slowly going down kissing my neck. Now he even comes down to try of my boobs. He removed my top and unhooked the bra. And the expression that he gave when seeing my boobs was priceless.

He touched it and said they are so soft and I want to have them. The climate was that cold but the heat in our body made the room hot. He started to suck them and bit them with his lips and using his tongue licking my pointed nipples. Now it was my turn to see his dick. (This was my 1st time seeing a real dick.)

Touching the dick for the 1st time made me excited. He insisted to do a blow job for him. I was doing it for the 1st time and I didn’t like it in the beginning. Slowly I loved it and it was totally in my mouth feeling like a big salty lollipop. I was having fun with it.

He was super excited too with my blow job. He had some pre-cum which made me excited. He slowly started exploring my body. I was surprised he found a mole on my right of the waist and kissing that and whole body. This made me go hornier. He widened my legs and rubbed my pussy and said I wanna to taste it.

I was waiting for this moment for a long time. He went down and started kissing my tights and the lips of my pussy. He used his tongue to deep inside my pussy it was heaven. I was moaning as this feeling wants me to have more. I was asking him to keep his dick inside my pussy as I was out of control and could not resist.

But instead, he was teasing my pussy by rubbing it which made me mad. Slowly he slid his dick in my pussy. At first, it was painful but the pain was beautiful. I had some blood, but he wiped it with tissue nearby and inserted his dick again. I asked him to stroke me fast and hard.

To bear the pain I bite his lips, neck and my nails are into the skin on the back of his body. This went on till afternoon. I can see this dick erection in his boxer. It never sleeps, may be sexy, the horny body of mine don’t let it go down. The hair of his body tempts me more to make my boobs place on his chest.

I love the way he plays with my boobs and the love bite of my boobs is heaven we repeated this next four times. His warm hug kiss all are worthy and every time he used to notice my desire and completes them. Every time he meets he surprises me to fulfill my desires.

To know more about my desires follow me. This is my first time sharing this story, I would like to share more stories. Correct me with my writings. If you have any suggestions feel free to mail me at [email protected] and do let me know if you liked it.

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